Detail Panel - Object Tree

We are pointed to the Document property in the object tree. The detail panel shows the following:

  • Member Information - In this case Property, showing the visibility, and having a link to the ActiveX type information for the member.
  • Name - If a name was calculated for the object it is shown here.
  • ActiveX Type - A link to the ActiveX type that the object member returns.
  • CLR Type - A link to the Common Language Runtime (CLR - really .NET) type corresponding to the ActiveX type above.
  • Object Value - The result of calling ToString() on the object.
  • Member Declaring Type - A link to the CLR type of the class that contains this member.
  • Type Library - A link to the ActiveX type library information.

A show documentation link is present when there is ActiveX documentation for a given item.

Detail Panel - Type Information

Here the ActiveX type information is selected for the Internet Explorer class.

The corresponding CLR (.NET) type information is presented for the Internet Explorer class. Note that the ActiveX and CLR type information are linked to each other.

Note: by default the Assemblies/Types panel is not shown, as this is not necessary to use the Inspector.

Detail Panel - Type Library Information

Here, the node selected is a type library in the ActiveX types panel. The full details of the type library are shown, including the corresponding .NET assemblies generated from the type library.

For visual type libraries or controls, an additional assembly is generated, providing the necessary wrapper to allow the visual control to be manipulated by the .NET Windows Forms design environment.