GS1 Viewer

The free GS1 Viewer presents all of the GS1 XML message specifications in a clear, easy to understand manner. Our viewer is the only specification viewer that shows an instance document while you are examining the specification. You learn much faster seeing example data in context.

  • Supports versions 2.0.2 (June 2006), 2.1, and 2.1.1 (support for more current versions coming soon);
  • Shows an example instance document alongside the message, highlighting the selected element;
  • Presents the GS1 messages in a clear, direct, and uncluttered format;
  • Produces a structure diagram at any level of detail;
  • Shows the elements associated with each type of GS1 message, or shows the elements in the context of an entire message, with all envelopes;
  • Expresses the semantics of the message elements with no need to understand the details of XML Schema;
  • Supports tabbed viewing of multiple active and visible windows, allowing browser-style forward/back navigation between them;
  • Comprehensive search capability;
  • Complete on-line help.